Biotechnology & Microbiology

Biotechnology & Microbiology

Department of Biotechnology and Microbiology at Mahatama Jyoti Rao Phule University is committed to employing the latest educational technologies, creating a digital classroom experience that enhances engagement and learning outcomes.

We pride ourselves on well-equipped laboratories, furnished with advanced equipment and instruments, including spectrophotometers, incubators, laminar air flow units, binocular microscopes, and specialized chambers for research work. Our facilities also boast molecular biology and immunological advance kits, ensuring students receive hands-on experience in practical applications.

Our esteemed faculty members, with exemplary academic records and extensive expertise, passionately nurture students towards academic excellence. The syllabus is meticulously designed in line with CSIR, UGC, and DBT exam patterns, aligning with competitive exam requirements. To enrich the learning experience, we regularly organize guest lectures, seminars, and webinars featuring eminent scientists and professors from research industries. Additionally, our highly-resourced library houses an impressive collection of text and reference books to support comprehensive learning.

In our commitment to holistic education, we facilitate institutional visits to esteemed research centers, providing students with real-world exposure to high-ranked research institutes. These visits further inspire and encourage our students to embark on their academic and research journeys with determination and zeal. 


The department was conceived in 2005 and a pioneer in the studies of Biotechnology and Microbiology in the state of Rajasthan. Since its establishment, it has stood at the forefront of cutting-edge research and education, dedicated to exploring the intricate world of biological systems at molecular and cellular levels. From its humble beginnings, the department has consistently evolved to become a leading institution in the field of biological sciences.

The department was founded with a vision to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical applications in the realms of biotechnology and microbiology. In its early years, a handful of passionate academicians and researchers laid the foundation, emphasizing the importance of research-driven education.

Over the decades, the department has flourished, attracting exceptional faculty members and dedicated students eager to explore the world of biology at the cellular and molecular levels. The commitment to academic excellence and pioneering research has propelled the department into the forefront of scientific advancements.

This vision of growth and transformation can be seen in our newly renovated labs, fully equipped with modern technological equipment and digitalized classrooms for the students.  


To impart quality education technically and academically.


  • To provide exceptional and comprehensive education in biotechnology and microbiology, integrating fundamental principles with cutting-edge technologies, and enabling students to develop critical thinking, creativity, and adaptability.
  • To conduct innovative research in the field through interdisciplinary collaborations and partnerships.
  • To utilize our research and education to address global challenges, translating knowledge into practical solutions for the benefit of society.
  • To foster a culture of continuous learning, professional growth, and ethical conduct among students, faculty, and staff, ensuring they remain at the forefront of scientific and academic developments in biotechnology and microbiology.
S.No Name of Course Eligibility Duration Fee Security Amount
1. Ph.D. PG with min 55% Min 3Yrs 88,000/-p.a. N.A.
2. M.Phil PG with min 55% 1Year 50,000/-p.a. N.A.
3. M.Sc. Biochemistry/ Biotechnology/ Microbiology UG with 55% 2yrs(4Semester) 28,000/-Per Semester 2000/-
4. B.Sc. Integrated (Micro/ Biotech) 10+2 with 50% 3 yrs 36,000 /-p.a. 1000/-
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