Infrastructure Overview

Our university is committed to provide an infrastructure well suitable to cater to the diverse academic and co- curricular needs of our students in accordance to the guidelines prescribed by the UGC and other concerned regulatory bodies , such as NCTE and AICTE. It aims to facilitate the students and teachers requirements for a conducive learning environment, research and innovation while also providing them with opportunities for engagement, enrichment and inspiration.
Our university takes great pride in its expansive and well-equipped two Wi-Fi enabled campuses; Achrol & Sodala campus. MJRPU provides a vibrant and encouraging environment situated amidst a lush green campus sprawling over 100 acres with all the modern facilities and equipped with state-of-the-art technology, ensuring an interactive and engaging learning experience for students.
Visitors can explore our campus with ease, thanks to accessible transportation options and visitor services. With ongoing renovation and expansion projects, our campus is evolving to meet the changing needs of our diverse community, making it an ideal place for holistic growth and development.

Digital Classrooms

Welcome to the future of education at our institution! We’ve transformed every department into a dynamic and immersive digital classroom, embracing cutting-edge technology to elevate the learning experience for our students. Whether you’re studying science, arts, engineering, or business, our digital classrooms are designed to foster collaboration, engagement, and creativity. Say hello to interactive virtual lectures, real-time discussions with peers and professors, and access to an extensive array of digital resources at your fingertips. With our digital classrooms, learning knows no bounds. Join us as we revolutionize education and prepare students for success in an ever-evolving digital world. Enroll today and embrace the limitless possibilities of a digitally enhanced education!

Seminar Hall

A seminar hall is a versatile space where ideas converge and brilliance takes center stage. Our two expansive seminar halls stand as the epicenter for a plethora of academic events, be it national or regional conferences, symposiums, or workshops. Its well-designed layout and abundant seating capacity provide the perfect setting for the intellectual exchange of minds, fostering innovation and growth. But that’s not all; this multifaceted space also serves as a vibrant arena for student activities and extra-curricular pursuits. From talent showcases and club meetings to cultural celebrations and creative exhibitions, our seminar hall transforms to accommodate the dynamic interests and endeavors of our diverse student community.


Our university takes great pride in discussing its advanced laboratories which are meticulously crafted to foster hands-on learning and in depth understanding of every academic discipline. These state-of-the-art facilities are thoughtfully designed to provide students with immersive experiences, allowing them to bridge theory and practice seamlessly. In our commitment to excellence, each department boasts its specialized laboratories, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and tailored to provide immersive experiences for students. In the realm of science, from chemistry to biology and physics, our laboratories offer a practical dimension to theoretical concepts, encouraging students to explore, experiment, and analyze real-world phenomena. The engineering department showcases labs dedicated to various disciplines, enabling students to apply engineering principles and develop practical skills crucial for their future careers. The agriculture department has one of the best Horticulture labs and newly renovated labs which are designed to provide students with a hands-on understanding of agricultural practices and research. Every department’s lab is meticulously designed, reflecting the unique needs of the subject, ensuring students receive a comprehensive and experiential understanding of their chosen field.

Central & Digital Library

A Library is the nucleus of knowledge and information for any academic community. Our library is a comprehensive hub that seamlessly integrates traditional and digital resources, catering to the diverse needs of students, faculty, and researchers. In our Central Library, a vast collection of books, journals, periodicals, and research papers await exploration. It serves as a quiet haven for focused study, research, and reflection. The space is thoughtfully designed to provide a conducive environment for learning and intellectual growth. Complementing our physical library is our Digital Library, a virtual treasure trove of e-books, online journals, databases, and multimedia resources. Accessible from anywhere, at any time, it ensures that learning never stops and knowledge is readily available at your fingertips.

Sports Ground

We believe in the holistic development of our students, and our sports ground is a crucial element in promoting a balanced academic and athletic lifestyle. Our expansive sports ground is a vibrant space where passion, determination, and teamwork converge to create champions. Our well-maintained grounds cater to a variety of sports, including football, basket ball, tennis, cricket , athletics, and more. It’s a hub of athletic activity, providing ample opportunities for students to engage in both competitive and recreational sports.

Indoor Sports Facilities

Our indoor facilities are designed to accommodate a variety of sports and recreational activities, promoting physical fitness, skill development, and leisure. The arena is equipped for basketball, volleyball, badminton and more. The versatile space allows for friendly matches, tournaments, and organized events, enabling students to stay active and engage in healthy competition. For those seeking mental agility, we provide chess, table tennis, and other mind-challenging games in a setting that encourages strategic thinking and friendly rivalry. Our indoor sports facilities are a testament to our commitment to fostering a well-rounded student experience. They offer a retreat from the ordinary, providing an avenue for physical exercise and sportsmanship regardless of the weather or time of day.

Academy & Clubs

By offering a wide range of academies and clubs, universities aim to enrich the educational experience, promote inclusivity, and support students in their personal and professional development. Students can choose and actively participate in clubs aligned with their passions and aspirations, enhancing their overall university journey.

Hostel Facilities

We prioritize your comfort and well-being and provide secure accommodation options that provide a home away from home for our students. Our Hostel Facilities are designed to provide a conducive environment for studying, relaxation, and community engagement. We provide one of the best residential facilities which includes Spacious Rooms, comfortably furnished to make your stay enjoyable and productive while ensuring a nurturing and safe environment. Separate hostels for male and female students accommodate approximately 200 residents, creating a warm and amiable atmosphere akin to a home away from home. The hostel management prioritizes cleanliness, nutritious meals, spacious rooms, and fresh air. The hostel wardens provide care, fostering a sense of security and support among the students. Regular health check-ups are conducted by visiting doctors, maintaining the well-being of the students. In addition to delicious and hygienic meals, the hostels offer recreational activities such as indoor and outdoor games, as well as access to television. Yoga and meditation guidance further promote students’ health and strength. The hostels organize engaging events, including hostel nights and festive celebrations, featuring themed dance performances, skits, and songs, creating a lively and joyful atmosphere. Safety and Security: 24/7 security and surveillance to ensure a safe living environment for all residents. Overall, we aim to provide an inclusive and supportive living environment, where you can focus on your academic pursuits, enjoy delicious meals, and create lasting memories.


At our university, we understand the importance of delicious and nutritious meals. Our eateries are designed to cater to diverse tastes and dietary preferences, offering on-campus cafeterias serving a variety of meals, snacks, and beverages, providing a convenient dining option. The Cafeteria aims to provide diverse food options while focusing on providing well-balanced, nutritious meals to support a healthy lifestyle and academic performance.

Security & Surveillance

At University the safety and security of our community is of paramount importance. We have implemented comprehensive security measures and surveillance systems to create a secure and reassuring environment for all students, faculty, and staff. Trained security personnel are stationed across the campus to monitor and patrol the premises, ensuring a visible and reassuring presence.


Our university is dedicated to ensuring convenient and accessible transportation options, and our bus services stand at the forefront of this commitment. The campus bus services are designed to streamline daily commutes for students, faculty, and staff. With well-defined routes and schedules, these buses offer a reliable and punctual mode of transport, connecting key points within and around the campus.

Wi-Fi Enabled Campus

Our campus boasts comprehensive Wi-Fi coverage, providing high-speed and reliable internet access across academic buildings, hostels, common areas, and outdoor spaces. This ensures that students, faculty, and staff can seamlessly access academic resources, research materials, and online platforms, enhancing their learning and collaboration experiences.

Medical Facility

The health and well-being of our community are of utmost importance. We have an on-campus medical facility equipped to provide immediate medical attention, first aid, and consultations.


We offer well-organized and designated parking areas for both students and faculty. Our parking facilities are designed to accommodate a sufficient number of vehicles, providing a safe and convenient parking experience. This helps in maintaining an orderly and efficient traffic flow within the campus.