Co Curriculuar

The Co-Curricular Club at encompasses a diverse range of extracurricular activities designed to complement the academic experience and provide a holistic education. This club includes subgroups focused on different interests such as music, dance, drama, entrepreneurship, community service, and more. Members have the opportunity to develop and showcase their talents through performances, exhibitions, entrepreneurial projects, and community engagement initiatives. Regular annual events at the University like “Fashion Passion”- fashion show, Fresher’s, Farewell, Student’s Meet etc. serves as a great platform for the same.
Engaging with the Co-Curricular Club enables students to enhance their teamwork, leadership, time management, and communication skills—essential qualities that enrich their personal and professional lives. There are multiple programs organized both, in and intra campus to showcase their talents in multiple cultural events. The club encourages students to pursue their passions outside the classroom and contribute positively to society.