Department of Pharmacy

Department of Pharmacy

Pharmacy, often described as the art, practice, or profession of repairing, preserving, compounding, and dispensing medical drugs, is a field where precision, knowledge, and patient well-being converge. The paramount concern of pharmacy is to ensure that the patient receives the appropriate medication and derives maximum benefits from its proper use. We are dedicated to instilling these principles in our pharmacy students.

The study of Pharmaceutical Science delves into the intricacies of designing, synthesizing, targeting, distributing, ensuring safety, and determining the efficacy of potential therapeutic agents.

Embarking on a career in pharmacy offers versatility, dynamism, and high rewards. The rapidly advancing pharmaceutical industry has opened a plethora of opportunities in the healthcare sector for pharmacy professionals.

Graduates find their niche in pharmaceutical industries, ranging from research and development to manufacturing, quality control, packaging, sales, marketing, and more. Additionally, they contribute in practice settings, academic institutions, regulatory affairs, and clinical research.

The programs offered by the department are tailored to prepare students for pivotal roles in community pharmacy and various levels of the pharmaceutical industry, with emphasis on practical experience and interaction within industrial personnel, rigorous training in the healthcare system.  Moreover, the courses offered hold accreditation from the Pharmacy Council of India, New Delhi. This recognition underscores our position as one of the foremost private institutions in the state, particularly in the field of pharmacy education.

History of the Department

Established in 2012, the School of Pharmacy boasts a history marked by an unwavering dedication to delivering high-quality education in pharmaceutical sciences. Since its inception, the department has adapted to meet the dynamic demands of the pharmaceutical industry and the ever-evolving healthcare landscape. Over the years, it has broadened its academic offerings, embraced technological progress, and maintained a focus on producing graduates with a profound understanding of pharmaceutical principles and practices.


Our vision is to emerge as a trailblazing institution in pharmaceutical education, acknowledged for producing graduates who excel in pharmaceutical sciences, contribute to cutting-edge research and innovation, and uphold the utmost standards of ethical practice. We aim to serve as a catalyst for positive transformation in the pharmaceutical sector, preparing students to navigate industry complexities and make substantial contributions to global healthcare.


Our mission encompasses:

  • To provide educational excellence by rigorous and all-encompassing education in pharmaceutical science.
  • To nurture critical thinking, ethical conduct, and a profound comprehension of drug development, utilization, and safety.
  • To foster a culture of research and innovation, motivating faculty and students to contribute to the progression of pharmaceutical knowledge, technology, and patient care.
  • To instill a commitment to ethical and responsible pharmaceutical practice.

Fee structure- Pharmacy

S.No Name of Course Eligibility Duration Fee
1. Ph.D. PG with min 55% (Through Ph.D.Entrance Exam) Min 3Yrs 1,00,000/-p.a.
2. MBA in Pharm. & Sales Mgmt. B.Pharm. with 50% marks 2yrs(4sem) 42,500/- per sem
3. M Pharm. (Pharmaceutics) B.Pharm. with 50% marks 2yrs(4sem) 80,000/- per sem
4. B. Pharma. 10+2 PCB/PCM with 50% marks 4Yrs(8Semester) 93,000/-p.a.
5. D.Pharm. 10+2 PCB/PCM with 50% marks 2Yrs 72,500/-p.a.
6. PG Diploma in Pharm. &S ales Mgmt. B.Pharm.with 50% marks 1yr 45,500/-P.a
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