Department of Education

Department of Education

MJRP College of Education, part of Mahatma Jyoti Rao Phoole University, stands as a premier NCTE recognized institution in Rajasthan. Established in 2009, it holds the distinction of being one of the oldest and largest departments within the university, dedicated to shaping aspiring educators into future leaders. The college adheres to the guiding principle of “Training Future Leaders Today” with a keen focus on nurturing students’ overall development.

The faculty at MJRP College of Education comprises highly qualified professionals, experts in their respective domains, committed to providing an exceptional learning experience. Their approach involves seamlessly integrating theoretical knowledge with practical applications through field visits, training, and stimulating experiences. The institution also ensures that students are well-informed about potential job prospects, aiding them in making informed decisions regarding their future careers.

The program at MJRP College of Education is designed to be entirely learner-centered, emphasizing a unique teacher education approach. Coursework is enriched through seminars, presentations, and projects, fostering an environment conducive to comprehensive learning. A significant emphasis is placed on direct student engagement with esteemed academicians and professionals, facilitated through guest lectures and extension lectures. This interactive approach bridges the gap between theory and real-world application, incorporating practical insights from diverse working environments.

The institution offers an exceptional educational journey, dedicating efforts to advance education, promote research, engage with the community, and equip individuals for meaningful careers in the field of education. The overarching objective is to elevate teaching and learning methodologies, advocate for educational equality, and positively influence educational systems and policies.

With a wide array of programs offered, ranging from PhD ,  M.Ed. , B.Ed. , Certificate course in Guidance & Counseling, the department is committed to your growth and enhancement.  

History Of The Department

Department of Education originated as MJRP College of Education in 2009, which later expanded as Department of Education with the establishment of MJRP University as an autonomous body. Since then it boasts of being one of the biggest departments in the university with a commitment to create and sustain the conditions that enable students to experience an unparalleled educational journey that is intellectually, socially, and personally transformative.

The department has been an epitome of excellence in terms of placements and publications where maximum number of students have found their way to flourishing and settled career trajectories.  


To be a pioneering institution in the field of teacher education, recognized for its transformative impact on students and the community. The college aspires to instill in its learners a passion for education, fostering critical thinking, innovation, and a lifelong commitment to enhancing the educational landscape.


  • To instill self-confidence in pupil teachers for bolstering their teaching capabilities.
  • To cultivate the ability to relate theoretical knowledge to practical, real-life situations.
  • To foster resourcefulness in utilizing available situations to their fullest potential.
  • To enhance communication skills to facilitate effective and clear teaching, presenting course ideas logically and concisely.
  • To provide institutional infrastructure and instructional facilities that support training, research, and comprehensive personality development of students.  

Fee structure- Education

S.No Name of Course Eligibility Duration Fee
1. Ph.D. M.Ed.withmin 55% Min3Yrs 1,10,000/-
2. M.Ed. B.Ed.withmin 50% 2 yrs 80,000/-
3. Education Graduation with min 50% 2yrs 40,000/-
4. B.Ed. Graduation with min 50% (ThroughP.T.E.T.) 2Yrs  
5. B.Sc.B.Ed. 10+2 with 50% 4yrs 50,000/-
6. B.A.B.Ed. 10+2 with 50% 4yrs 45,000/-
7. B.El.Ed. 10+2 with 50% 4yrs 35,000/-
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